Vorgrum is a Pagan metal band from Argentina. Founded by Folter and Olek in 2009. The band recorded their first EP on the year 2011, titled “The Awakening” with 4 songs at tinacria studio's . The formation by that time was Olek on Guitar & Basses, Folter on Lead Guitars and Kryz on growls & voices. After many shows, and changes of formation, in 2014 Vorgrum started to record their first album in Nicolas Ghigliani studios, with a new member (Patrick as guitar). This album (Last Domain) was released 9 of february of 2015 in digital way, and physical way on June of same year. At the end of 2014, Olek "Oleksandr Shuleszkho"(Bassguitar at that time) and Kryz "Cristian Gomez" (growls and clean vocals) left the band for personal reasons. After searching members for a while Vultrok (Growls) and Iti Sforza(old Bassplayer) joined the band And gave many shows in Europe and argentina presenting "Last Domain" The band is currently recording their new album which will be released in 2017.

Oleksandr Shuleszhko various instruments 2010 (Awakening) to 2015 (Last Domain)

'kryz' vocalist 2010 (Awakening) to 2015 (Last Domain) Cristian Gomez 'webmaster' (contact:chgu_22@hotmail.com)